What are we?

This year’s event will be on February 15th, in the Texas Union Ballroom.

Shabbat 500 is a nationwide event, held by various Jewish communities on college campuses throughout the country. Shabbat 500 is an event intended to host 500+ Jewish students, teachers, and faculty for one night a year to celebrate Shabbat all together.  This event is so important to those in attendance and those involved because it allows for Jews from all sects of campus to come together in celebration of our religion and traditions.

Shabbat 500 came to The University of Texas at Austin in 1998, when the Levertov’s (the Chabad family on campus then) coordinated with then student, Moshe Chess, to plan the first Shabbat 1000. The intention then, through 2006, was to host 1000 Jewish students throughout the state of Texas.

Between 2006 to 2013, Shabbat 500 took a break from the UT campus, only to be reignited by Talia Noorily and Daley Epstein. After attending a trip for Jewish leaders to Israel, they had a dream for Shabbat 500 to bring Jewish students and organizations across campus, creating Jewish unity at UT. From then on it has been an entirely student-led event, with the help and advising from both Chabad and Hillel.

Now, Texas Shabbat 500 is continuing to expand and strengthen, attracting students, alumni, and families from all around the city of Austin. We are so excited for you to get involved!